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Ivan Tea

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Reviving the traditions !!!


Since ancient times, the people of Russia were famous for their good health; one of the main reasons was Ivan-tea. People thought that, absorbing energy from the sun, flowers and leaves of Ivan-tea bring strength. Today, Russian tea is again at the peak of popularity. To satisfy our customers' demands, "Aidigo" expands its tea collection with fragrant tea drink.

            Raw materials for the line of Ivan-tea "Aidigo" are harvested by hand in Russian forests. Gentle processing of the tealeaf retains all of its unique properties: rich in vitamins and minerals tea improves the immune system, normalizes blood pressure, and calms the nervous system. Ivan tea provides with powerful antioxidant protection, as well as cleanses the body from toxins and oxygenates it.


Health Benefits

Ivan - tea is a good cure for various ills:

Surpassing lemon with its rich content of vitamin C, Ivan - tea helps to strengthen the immune system and can be used as delicious prevention of cold. Being a magnificent antioxidant, it has anti-aging, protective and regenerating property.

Ivan- tea has better tonic effect than coffee, and is caffeine-free, which is good for people with diseases of the cardio - vascular system. The healing power of the Ivan-tea is also indispensable in the treatment of diseases of the male urogenital system. It also has cosmetic powers: its broth strengthens hair, moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

Ivan - tea cleanses the body of harmful toxins, making it an indispensable tool in case of food poisoning.  Its ability to update the blood and restore the liver, having a beneficial effect on the nervous system and reducing the likelihood of stress, allows the drink to fight the addictions (for example, smoking, alcoholism). Ivan-tea helps to alleviate the symptoms of depression, and even epilepsy.



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Ivan Tea